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a large, fruit-eating bat.

Click the 'about me' above to find out more about me. I basically blog about my chronic illness, adventures in grad school, and the Mountain Goats. Feel free to ask me questions.

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Jan 21 '13

I had a dream that John Darnielle and I ended up on this mostly women’s retreat to discuss misogyny in literature and it was a sleep over thing in this weird house and both of us woke up earlier than the rest of the group in the morning so we drank a cup of coffee at the table and I talked to him about my academic aspirations and then he gave me his cell phone number.

  1. emptyheartsonfire said: waking up is so so painful after a jd dream
  2. mournjargon said: Dreams of being friends with JD are the best :)
  3. megachiropteran posted this